The Struggle for Working Rights

The Struggles for Working Rights

Since its founding, the Pancyprian Federation of Labor (ΠΕΟ) has led the charge in the socio-economic struggles of the Cypriot people, as in the example of the strikes of the 1st of March of 1944 demanding the price indexation of wages. The strike took place at the Public Works from the 1st to the 23rd of March with 1,500 workers participating.

Ιn 1946, at ΠEO’s initiative, the struggle for Social Security also began. In 1948, the first Trade Union Social Security Fund was established, as well as the first Union infirmary. In 1956, the Social Security law was drafted, and was put into effect in the first of July 1957.

  • Book: “Αγώνες για τον Τιμάριθμο” 1940-1944 (The struggles for the price indexation of wages, 1940-1944 ), published by ΠΕΟ.
  • Photograph from the great strike of the 1st of March 1944 demanding the price indexation of wages.
  • Photograph of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot strikers in 1953.
  • Book “Η ΠΕΟ άλλαξε την ζωή μας. 1956-1986, 30 χρόνια Κοινωνικές Ασφαλίσεις ” (ΠΕΟ has changed our lives. 1956 -1986, 30 years of Social Security).
  • Photograph from 1947, showing a builders’ strike demanding Social Security.